Spring with Sandgrens

​Hi pals! Long time no talk…again…I’m the least consistent of the bloggers I tell you. Thanks for checking in regardless of that little fact!

Though spring is just around the corner, it feels miles away. Indiana is hitting us with another cold front this week and adding that to the springing forward nonsense, I’m just not too pleased. BUT! I know that warmth is close, and that will keep me going until it’s here. 

Spring styles have adorned stores for months already, so by the time it actually shows up we’ll be more than prepared! One of my favorite additions to my shoe collection this year are these beauties from Sandgrens Clogs!

I’ve worked with Sandgrens before but am still more impressed with them each time! The quality of these handcrafted beauties is unmatched, and the resulting comfort is how you know their craft has been perfected. Though I’ve not gotten to wear these all day yet, I know they’ll be a perfect pair to wear to work! Retail leaves my feet in pain so often but I know that won’t be an issue with these. 

These shoes will go perfectly with dresses and denim alike, and I know you’ll see them a lot more in the upcoming months!

What kind of spring styles will you be rocking this year?


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